Glasgow Songwriting Festival


21st-22nd August 2020

We're still not sure if this will be a face to face or online event in 2021. Please save the date and reach out to be added to the 2021 mailing list.

If you require any other information please contact festival director Findlay Napier

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20th August 2020

                    with THE finest songwriters

We don't know what form GSF 2021 is going to take. Might be online or might be face to face... save the date and we will keep you posted.


The workshops are open to EVERYONE... That means you!


Past tutors include Kim Richey, Emily BarkerBoo Hewerdine Karine PolwartJo MangoCarol Laula, Emma Pollock, Donna Maciocia, Louis (Admiral Fallow) Abbot, Dave "Solareye" Hook and festival director Findlay Napier.


Glasgow songwriting festival is a friendly and collaborative learning environment. We cater to all levels from "I've never written a song before" to  "I've got albums out but I'm looking for inspiration and/or people to collaborate with" and everything in between. 

Workshops focus on songwriting 'tools', useful skills that you can take home to improve or supplement your songwriting. Class sizes are restricted to eight participants. The classes of eight will rotate around the four tutors so everyone participating in the festival gets to work with every tutor.

Your fee includes a free ticket to the opening concert on Friday 30th August. There will be a limited number of tickets available to non-participants so get in quick as this event always sells out.

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