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Frequently Asked Questions

How experienced do I need to be?

Glasgow Songwriting Festival is open to anyone who is interested in learning to write songs or to improve their songwriting technique. Whether you have never written a song before or regularly write songs there will be something for you. Each workshop will focus on one particular songwriting 'tool' to inspire you to write or keep writing songs. At the very minimum you should be able to sing along with a song and you should be able to write using a pen and paper or computer. 


I decided last year that it was an unnecessarily complicated system that took up a lot of time. If you are unable to make the entire payment please get in touch and we can come to some kind of arrangement either in two or three payments. Make sure you reread the terms and conditions as they have also changed this year.

Where do I park my car?

There are various car parks nearby but they are quite expensive. If you're willing to walk a bit you should be able to find free parking. on street parking in Glasgow is usually free on a Sunday.

How do I get there by public transport?

The Glad Café is 1006A Pollokshaws Road. There is a bus stop with regular busses opposite. The nearest low level train stations are at Crossmyloof (5-10 minute walk) or Queens Park (10-15 minute walk).

The Scottish music Centre is on candleriggs however we will be entering and leaving the building via the Albion St entrance

Can you recommend any accommodation nearby?

Have you checked Air BnB? If you know anyone else coming on the course it's often cheaper to share an Air BnB than to get a hotel.


There are LOADS of hotels near The Scottish Music Centre or Hotels Near City Halls... please don't make the mistake of getting a hotel near "The Fruitmarket" it's "The OLD Fruitmarket"... You do not want to stay near the Fruitmarket!

To be near the Saturday Session (Venue TBC) and the Glad Cafe look for accommodation in Shawlands, Govanhill, Langside and Pollokshields area. There are two decent hotels nearby: The Ivory and Number 10 Hotel. There are fantastic travel links by bus and train between the City Centre and Shawlands so anywhere in the City Centre would work fine.  

Can you recommend anywhere to eat nearby?

Near Scottish Music Centre:

There are loads of places to eat near here... loads and loads... check the internet but I recommend

Gandolfi and Gandolfi Fish- Top Glasgow eateries. 

Dhabba and/or Dhakin- I prefer Dhakin but they're both superb curry houses. Get the Paper Dosa.

Picnic- Very good vegan cafe

Spitfire Esspresso- Good hipster style cafe... eggs and toast and coffee

Italian Kitchen- Very good Italian restautrant

Paesano Pizza- Worth the extra five minute walk. Possibly the best pizza in the UK... read the reviews...

Obsession of India- Decent curry shop. Worth exploring the menu as it has some really interesting stuff.

Shawarma King- So good... sooooo gooooood... worth the extra five minute walk.

Mono- It's a record shop AND a top class vegan cafe. Even non-vegans will be surprised. Similar excellent food in The CCA and Stereo Cafe Bar.

Near Glad Cafe and Saturday Session

In Shawlands/Govanhill we are spoiled for choice for great eateries... 

The Glad Cafe- Hen of the Woods during the day and incredible Korean Vegan goodness at night

Yadgars Kebab House- Amazing Curry and just over the road from Govanhill Baths.

Rajit’s Kitchen- Vegetarian/Vegan Curry (Good enough to turn a carnivore veggie)

Kurdish Street Food- Excellent wraps (Takeaway)

Lagom Kitchen- (if you've been before you'll know that Kirsty from Lagom makes our cakes.)


The Bungo- Great food and beer

Milk- Café/Coffee

Tapa- Café/Coffee

Gusto and Relish- Café/Coffee

Rumshack- Caribbean Food and Cocktails

... there are also loads of takeaways and supermarket chains on Victoria Rd.

I already write songs will GSF be useful to me?

Think of songwriting as a craft. Any extra tools or tricks of the trade will be useful to you. Meeting a whole group of new people who are interested in songwriting and sharing ideas with them is a great way to make contacts, form new bands, form new writing partnerships and share shows across the UK.

Can you help with my writers block?

Definitely! Often writer's block is caused by using the same technique to write songs. By exploring four new techniques with our tutors it is likely that you'll find a way around you block.

Why is it over 18s only?

There is a LOT of legal paperwork involved in working with under 18s. We are offering a workshop on Saturday 19th at The Glad Cafe. More on that workshop soon.

Why isn't it free?

Glasgow Songwriting Festival is entirely self funded... if no-one shows up I (Findlay Napier) foot the entire bill: venue hire, tutor's fees, promotion costs... everything. The cost reflects the price of hiring tutors and venues. There are two places available for 18-19 year olds through Music+. Our plan for the future is to find ways to make it more affordable through bursaries and sponsorship. If you or someone you know would like to sponsor a place on the festival please get in touch HERE.

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