FRIDAY, Aug 21st

7:30pm  // Opening Concert at The Glad Cafe feat. The Tutor Team


This concert is FREE to workshop participants. 

SATURDAY, Aug 22nd

9:15am // Registration

10:00am // Session 1 with break

1:00pm // Lunch

2:00pm // Session 2 with break

5:00pm // End of teaching day.

7:00pm // Informal session location TBC



9:30am // Coffee

10:00am // Session 3 with break

1:00pm // Lunch

2:00pm // Session 4 with break

5:00pm // Goodbyes

The workshops are open to EVERYONE... That means you!


Glasgow songwriting festival is a friendly and collaborative learning environment. We cater to all levels from "I've never written a song before" to  "I've got albums out but I'm looking for inspiration or people to collaborate with" and everything in between. 

The teaching will focus on songwriting 'tools', useful skills that you can take home to improve or supplement your songwriting. Class sizes are restricted to eight participants. The classes of eight will rotate around the four tutors so everyone participating in the festival gets to work with every tutor. Before the festival your tutors will chat so that each workshop focuses a different set of skills

Your fee includes a free ticket to the opening concert on Friday 30th August. There will be a limited number of tickets available to non-participants so get in quick as this event always sells out.