Staff and Tutors 2020 TO BE ANNOUNCED



Hello there,

Inspired by a series of songwriting retreats I'd run with Karine Polwart at Scotland's Creative Writing Centre Moniack Mhor, my experiences as a participant at Arvon's Totleigh Barton retreat and the UK Songwriting Festival I decided to set up a weekend of songwriting workshops in Glasgow. 

Before you scroll down and read about this years team there are a couple of things I'd like you to know about Glasgow Songwriting Festival and how I choose your tutors. I suppose you could call this a mission statement or a manifesto.

I don't pick tutors simply because they're famous songwriters. I pick them because they are excellent communicators. I pick them because they have proven time and time again that they are willing to share their skills with others. I pick them because they can adapt their inspirational workshops to include any participant... in short they are excellent educators and you're going to learn loads.

The second thing I noticed as a participant was that the men outnumbered the women three to one. In fact there were no female tutors at UKSWF the year I attended. The last two years I have made gender balance a priority as I think that if we are to address the enormous gender imbalance in the music industry we need to start here at a grass roots level.

Finally I was lucky enough to receive funding to attend my week long songwriting retreats. That's a luxury 

I don't take for granted. Top of my agenda is always your value for money. I need you to leave the festival inspired, invigorated and ready to sign up for next year.

Please scroll below and read what your tutors have been up to. I think you'll be surprised at the scope of their achievements.

Findlay Napier

Festival Director